My graphic design services span from logo to stationery design, from flyers to catalogues and book design—anything you might need to launch, develop your brand and grow your business.

I am very much into research and rationale, so rest assured that every little detail will have a reason.

Below a selection of academic and commercial work.

The design brief was creating a protest on any topic and produce a publication about it. It was going to be my ISTD 2019 entry.

I chose the lack of empathy towards animals in the animal testing context, in Ireland and the UK.

The strategy for content was having a 3-phase narrative arc and an emotional arc.

In order to make my publication interesting for my audience, I used fashion and cosmetic industries’ visual language (people are attracted to what they recognise and like).

The strategy was being subtle, delicate and symbolic. All the elements used and the decisions made were based on 3 directions: fashion magazines, cages and laboratories tools.

The book contains subtle but powerful elements that should shake my audience.

The design brief was crating a book about Wildes writing, together with a typographic poster and 4 pieces of expressive typography.

All the choices that I made align with the idea of ICONOCLASM.

Wilde, with his dark humour, flamboyant style and sexual orientation, was considered a controversial person. The fact that he did not really follow rules made me decide to do the same and not follow some layout and typography rules.

In terms of visual language, the main thread is foreign languages, countries and flags.

I added text in different languages (Wilde spoke several languages and travelled to/lived in several countries, among which the UK and France) and huge Greek letters (Wilde mastered Greek literature).

The typefaces, palette and paper stock were selected to create something elegant, minimal and beautiful, beauty being one of the main topic Wilde tackled in his writing.

The whole book is a movie. It aims to reflect Wilde’s times and to be a journey through Wilde’s life (the very title, containing the word “journey”, hints at this).


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